Hello all!

Just wanted to pop in for a minute to share with you that starting July 5, several of my paintings will be on exhibit in the Greenwood Farm Market at the Bloomsburg Mall.

My artwork will be up and available for purchase for about 3 months, so I hope you get a chance to come and see it and check out all of the other wonderful vendors that will be there!

To find out more about the market visit their website here:

Hope you are having a lovely day, wherever you’re at! 🙂

Lisa Maria ♥

October Art Exhibit


Hello all!

I’m excited to say that the other day I was contacted by a coordinator from Bucknell and she asked me if I would be interesting in having an exhibit in one of their off-campus buildings.

Therefore unless something comes up, starting in October some of my pieces are scheduled to be on display in the gallery at The Bucknell Institute for Lifelong Learning building.

My works will be on display in the gallery for up to 6 weeks, so hopefully you folks can go check it out. I will have some new pieces up by then! 🙂

To learn more about what programs they have to offer, visit:

Lisa Maria ♥

Lewisburg Library Press Release

Here is the press release that was sent out by the Public Library for Union County about my August display:


DATE: July 13, 2018


Bridgette Thompson
Marketing Coordinator
Union County Library System

Title: Pencil Drawings, Prints and Watercolor Paintings by Lisa Maynard on
Display in Gallery 255

Town: Lewisburg

LEWISBURG – “My greatest hope and goal is that my art gives someone joy and inspires
others to also create, no matter what their chosen outlet. To be able to capture a specific
emotion and freeze it in time is a special thing, and I hope that my work speaks to you in some special way,” said Lisa Maynard. Lisa’s pencil drawings, prints and watercolor paintings are on display at the Public Library for Union County in Gallery 255 throughout the month of August.

Lisa was born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and has lived in both the city and the New England countryside. Growing up in a creative family, she was surrounded by many artistic influences; writer’s, painters and singers. “I remember sitting for hours watching my uncle paint gorgeous landscapes, and being in awe of how a beautiful image would appear right before my eyes where once before there was only an empty canvas,” said Lisa. She grew to love the process of creating and expressing herself with both traditional and varied mediums. She is constantly striving to improve her skills as an artist and thoroughly enjoys both studying and practicing art in any way she can incorporate it into her life. Her artwork embodies a free-spiritedness and a celebration of the purest, brightest emotions. She uses her self-taught techniques to create vivid and surrealistic images that evoke thought and breathes life into the imagination.

When she is not busy in her home studio, she is spending time with her husband, adorable two boys and other family and friends. “My greatest hope and goal for my art is that it gives someone joy and inspires people to think about the world we live in and all of the possibilities that abound,” said Lisa.

Artists and organizations are encouraged to apply to exhibit items of artistic, cultural and intellectual interest in the library’s gallery and/or display cases. For more information, visit

August Art Exhibit

The time is upon us, folks! Approximately 40 pieces of my art will be on display at the Public Library for Union County in Lewisburg for the month of August. I’ve been spending this entire weekend working on matting and framing all of my artwork and working on my price list. It’s pretty much all done and dusted now though, and I’m getting super stoked about it!!

Hope you all are gonna come see it and that you find a piece that speaks to you and makes you happy! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!
Lisa Maria ♥

International Art Competition

So I’m not going to go into a ton of details right now because I’m not sure what will come of it, but I wanted to share some exciting news with you all.

A few days ago I was approached by a publisher of an International art magazine who found my work through Instagram. (I’m not going to disclose the name of the magazine at the moment.) She asked me if I would consider submitting a piece of art to a competition they had running for their magazine that focuses on creating exposure for upcoming artists.

I of course told her I was interested and sent one of my pieces in right away. Another couple of days after that I was informed that my entry had passed the preliminary judging and I was asked to submit a few more pieces for the jury to decide on whether I would be a featured artist in their next publishing.

I sent in my other selections today, but the contest winners won’t be announced until the end of December. (The competition is for a feature in their January 2018 magazine.)

Anyways, all of this to say that any prayers and positive thoughts sent my way would be very much appreciated. This could be a really great opportunity for me!

Thanks in advance—you’re all the best. 🙂

Much love & Blessings your way,
Lisa Maria ♥

Library Display Date Set

As of today my artwork is scheduled to be displayed for a month at the Public Library for Union County in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in August of 2018! In the meantime I plan to be continually working on creating more inventory and selling my original artwork and art prints in various venues as well creating customized products for this site for you all. Keep watching this space along with my FB page ( for any updates or possible changes of dates as regard to the display. Hope you’ll all be able to come check it out once the time comes!

Much joy,
Lisa Maria ♥

Library Display

Hello all,


I just wanted to give all of my local followers a heads up to let you know that I’ll be displaying my most recent artwork at the Union County Public Library in Lewisburg within (hopefully) a couple of months. It’s still currently in the works, but I’m actively getting stuff organized and building up my inventory for it. Just be sure to watch this space for updates on this venture!

Thanks, and much love.
Lisa Maria ♥