Lisa was born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1995.

Lisa Maynard is a freelance artist working with many different mediums to create artwork for personal and professional use. She specializes in watercolor and pencil illustrations, art prints, art canvases, custom requests, and more. 

Lisa was born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1995.

Her artwork embodies a free-spiritedness and a celebration of the purest, brightest emotions. She uses her self-taught techniques to create vivid and surrealistic images that evoke thought and breathe life into the imagination. 

Having lived in both a town in her early years and also in the secluded New England country-side, she has drawn inspiration from both landscapes that is often translated into her artwork in subtle ways. 

Growing up in a creative family, she was surrounded by many artistic influences—writers, painters, and singers—and she grew to love the process of creating and expressing herself, not only with traditional mediums but also with other various types. She is constantly striving to improve her skills as an artist and thoroughly enjoys both the studying and practicing of art in any ways she can incorporate it into her life.

When she isn’t in her studio, she’s spending time with her husband, three adorable boys, and other family and friends. She loves rainy days, the ocean, coffee, jet-skiing, picnics, croquet, cooking, and reading good books.


I remember sitting for hours watching my uncle paint gorgeous landscapes, and remember being in awe of how a beautiful image would appear right before my eyes where once before there was only a blank canvas. Watching my mother or cousins sketch was always a treat for me, and from a very young age I attempted to reproduce my favorite pictures from story-books or my favorite paintings that hung around our house, first with markers and crayons and eventually graduating to pencils and acrylics as I grew.

I still remember a show I used to watch in the early mornings called Pappy Drew It, and being ecstatic whenever it would show him coloring in the characters he drew. There has always been a huge fascination for me in watching other people create art, and it has become one of my biggest motivators in producing my own art. One of Albert Einstein’s quotes —“Creativity is contagious”— could not be truer for me, and my wish now is to be a catalyst in inspiring others to also create, because I truly believe that the act of creating something meaningful frees the soul.

One of my greatest hopes and goals in creating art is that it gives others joy and inspires people to think about the world we live in and all of the possibilities that abound. To be able to capture a specific emotion and freeze it in time is a special thing, and I hope that my work speaks to you in some personal way.”